Who We Are

Fierro Tech is a technology services firm focused on providing the hospitality industry with managed services and by vetting new technologies and applications.

For a monthly service fee, Fierro Tech will maintain hospitality clients existing software, servers, and other infrastructure to provide smooth running operations.  We will focus on keeping our clients systems running smoothly so they can focus on taking care of their guests.

Fierro Tech will also provide project based services for new implementations of POS and other applications critical for the hospitality industry.

With a network of partners in software, hosting partners, infrastructure firms and data transport providers, we can lift the burden of hospitality operators of finding the best solutions out there.

Also, we’ll be vetting and doing proof of concepts for new solutions targeted at this vertical so all our clients can benefit without having to do the work themselves.

Fierro Tech will operate transparently and will provide best in class pricing of services by others without conflict of kickback commissions from 3rd parties.  We will stay neutral on platforms and technologies but will be a rabid advocate for our clients.

And finally, we will provide this with a team that is guest and customer centric.  They have all the technical capabilities and they do it with empathy and care for our clients.  They have the truly authentic hospitality character to take exceptional care of our clients and their guests.